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Escola católica rejeita estudante por causa de seu nome

A notícia abaixo (em inglês) comenta o caso do estudante Alex Hell, de 5 anos, que teve sua matrícula rejeitada por uma escola australiana por causa de seu sobrenome, Hell, que em português significa "inferno".

Catholic school rejects student over name
HOPPERS CROSSING, Australia (UPI) -- A 5-year-old Australian boy was initially rejected by a parochial school because his last name is Hell.

Alex Hell said St. Peter Apostle School in Hoppers Crossing refused to accept his son Max solely because of his surname, the Sidney Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

Although an invitation was later extended to the boy to study at the school, Hell claims when he originally tried to enroll Max, they refused his application.

"He said, 'There's no place for you in the school', and I said, 'Why, because of the name?' and he said 'Yes'," said Hell.

He added he thought about changing his son's surname but decided not to and took the matter to his attorney when the Catholic Education Office decided to issue a statement saying Max's enrollment had been accepted.

"The issue of a change of surname of the child was an initiative of the parents, which they believed would assist the child in the transition of schools," school Director Stephen Elder said. "After discussions between the parish priest and principal, St. Peter the Apostle School has made an offer of enrollment to the student."

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